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Arthera Connect

The Arthera team is permanently available to connect to new builders and to offer support to any ecosystem project. We will keep open lines with everyone and vow to always be approachable

Join the Arthera ecosystem

To join the ecosystem and get in touch with us, please complete the following questionnaire We will get back to you quicker than you will expect: Submission form

Get involved

Any help, feedback or contribution is welcome, either to our blockchain or this documentation site.

Have any questions?

To engage with our developer community and stay informed about the latest news and developments, we invite you to join our Telegram channel (invite only for registered dApps).

It's an excellent place to connect with our developers. Make sure to regularly check the pinned messages in our channels as they contain valuable topic-specific links, event announcements, and other important updates.

Want to report an issue?

Post/Review any problems, give some feedback or share any idea in the Arthera Ecosystem. Thanks in advance.