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Using a cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-based mempool, Arthera paves the way for millions of transactions while significantly easing network congestion and empowering a new wave of Web3 SaaS enterprises built on subscription models.

Arthera's fixed-price monthly subscriptions eradicate concerns over fluctuating network costs for both users and businesses. The network also retains the option to pay for gas at each transaction, while sharing revenue across validators and dApps.

Envisioned as the catalyst for Web 3.0 mass adoption, Arthera's SaaS decentralized economic model eliminates barriers and transforms the way individuals and businesses interact with blockchain technology.


Arthera has two types of actors that interact with the network:

  • Subscribers that pay a subscription fee at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) and use the blockchain without any gas costs within the bounds of their subscription plan. There are two types of subscribers:

    • Contracts (aka DApps) - subscribe to Arthera to waive gas fees for their customers, allowing for new business models that don't rely on their customers owning cryptocurrency, massively increasing adoption by:
      • creating tailored subscriptions or one-off payments specific to their business model, without worrying about their cusomers' gas fees or owning cryptocurrency.
      • accepting any payment method from its customers in fiat money, cypto
      • onboarding customers that have no knowledge of crypto, blockchains
      • completely reducing fraud, lost keys and scams
      • focusing on the real business value of their product and customer retention
    • Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) (aka End-Users) subcribe to Arthera to forget about gas fees or owning cryptocurrency.
  • Pay-as-You-Go that work with Arthera the traditional Pay-Per-Use way, using cryptocurrencies and paying gas fees for each transaction.