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Arthera SMP provides a default analytics dashboard where you can see the current state of your subscription business.

The following stats are available:

  • Account summary: the total number of active (i.e. with at least one active subscription) and non-active accounts
  • New accounts: the total amount of new accounts created per day
  • MRR: the value of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) per day
  • Invoices: the total invoice amount charged per day
  • Invoice balance: the total sum of invoices balance per day
  • Trials: number of new trials per day
  • Cancellations: the total number of cancellations per day per phase
  • Payments: the total value of captured payments per day
  • Chargebacks: the total value of chargebacks per day
  • Refunds: the total value of refunds per day

The ability to create user-defined charts will be available in a next release.