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Block Explorers


Arthera uses Blockscout for its block explorer. It's a useful tool for users and developers that allows anyone to view the entire history of the Arthera blockchain.

The following tasks can be performed:

  • Search by address, transaction hash, block and token name
  • View the list of transactions
  • View details for a transaction:
    • detailed information like gas usage, block, inputs, smart contract calls
    • token transfers
    • internal transactions (sub-transactions)
    • logs
    • changes to the state of the chain
    • the raw trace
  • View blocks, the details for a block and its transactions
  • View Top Accounts
  • View Verified Contracts
  • View tokens and NFTs, their holders and contracts
  • Verify deployed contracts
  • Charts & Stats

The Arthera Block Explorer is available at the following address:


Latest update: February 27, 2023