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Arthera SMP is a specialized platform crafted to transform the way you sell your Web3 services to the global audience. Whether you want to operate as a SaaS company, an e-commerce establishment, a subscription box service, or any enterprise reliant on recurring revenue, Arthera SMP stands ready to simplify and enhance your billing, payment, invoicing, and subscription management operations.

Crafted as a specialized platform for subscription and revenue management, Arthera SMP streamlines subscription offerings for any dApp available in the Arthera ecosystem, enabling them to sell their services to the global audience using traditional payment methods and social-enabled wallets. Through Arthera SMP, Web3 organizations can tap into the global user base and effortlessly automate recurring billing, automatic payments, oversee subscriptions, and acquire valuable insights into their revenue streams, all within a unified and centralized platform.

Arthera SMP provides a wide array of options for engaging with our platform, delivering adaptability and ease of use. Whether you favor our user-friendly web interface or need programmatic control via our API, we have your preferences covered. Additionally, the SMP seamlessly gathers subscription data from your customers via our secure hosted payment pages and our feature-rich customer portal. This comprehensive ecosystem is meticulously designed to simplify your subscription management and billing procedures, placing control right at your fingertips.

Here's an overview of how this works:

Web Interface

The Arthera SMP user-friendly web application where you manage all aspects of your subscription business, available at

APIs & Webhooks

HTTP-based, RESTful APIs to integrate Arthera SMP into your product offering real-time notifications of critical events like subscription activations, renewals, successful payments, and more.

To explore it you can browse :

Hosted Payment Pages

Our hosted payment pages are designed with a dual focus: safeguarding your customer's information and providing a smooth subscription process. These PCI-compliant pages come ready-to-use, making it easy for your business to adhere to strict security protocols. Customization is a breeze, aligning with your specific business needs without any developmental efforts. Transition from intricate configurations to a secure, personalized, and compliant system that elevates both your operations and your customer satisfaction.

Customer Self-Service Portal

An intuitive, plug-and-play solution that empowers your customers. This tool allows them to seamlessly handle their subscriptions and billing details, leading to a decrease in the number of support inquiries your team gets for these routine matters. The highlight? There's zero development work needed from your side. This ensures enhanced autonomy and ease for your customers, and lets your support team concentrate on addressing more intricate challenges.

Arthera Blockchain

The heart of all things, the amazing Arthera blockchain that we are proud of.


Latest update: January 22, 2024