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Test before going live

Arthera SMP has two modes of operation: Live mode and Test mode. By default, the SMP is in Test mode where you don't work with real money/customers. Once you go live, you can always switch back to Test mode by using the Test mode switch available in the top bar.

In Test mode, you can play with your products and plans, test that they work properly using the test checkout pages and test Self-Service Portal.

Going Live

To move from Test mode to Live mode, you need to complete all steps from the Setup Guide:

Once you completed all the steps from the Setup Guide, you are ready to Go Live ! You can do that by clicking the Go LIVE button at the end of the Setup Guide, and you can choose what data you want to be copied over to your new live environment.

You can copy the following items:

  • Catalogs: copy All test mode Catalogs (published and unpublished), all Published test mode catalogs or only the last test mode published catalog
  • Payment Gateway configuration: copy the configuration for your Payment Gateway (e.g. Stripe public key and secret key)
  • Invoice & Email templates: copy the configured Invoice and Email templates

Once you are ready, click the Go LIVE button and your new live environment will be created. There will be no customer data, only the chosen configuration items that you selected to be copied over.

Hosted Pages

The hosted pages are also available in test mode or live mode.

The enable Test mode for the Self-Service portal, append the sbx=true query param to the Self-Service Portal URL: or to the Checkout URL.


Latest update: January 22, 2024