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Business support

The Arthera blockchain is designed to address 3 major business requirements, that crypto space previously lacked: cost predictability, project sustainability and user adoption.

Cost predictability

The fixed subscription cost model enables any business to project what the cost will be for a given period, making it easier for them to budget and plan their expenses. Predictability of recurring revenue also helps providers to forecast cash flow and plan for future investments.

Project sustainability

The Subscription model enables selling a product or service in exchange for recurring monthly or yearly subscription revenue. This prioritizes customer retention over customer acquisition, focusing on generating multiple payments from a single customer for ongoing access to a service, rather than a large upfront one-time fee. A Yearly Recurring Revenue will bring stability and ensure solid growth for any project.

The Pay-as-You-Go standard model is also revamped to offer increased project sustainability by returning to the dApp a percent of the blockchain gas fees paid by its clients, on a monthly basis.


The SaaS business model streamlines user onboarding by lowering entry barriers, adopting subscription-based pricing, removing hardware and infrastructure requirements, providing continuous support and updates, and ensuring scalability. These factors simplify the process of trying out new software applications, ultimately leading to increased adoption and sustained usage over time.

By opting for a fixed monthly subscription to Arthera, Web3 projects can eliminate L1 gas costs and offer free blockchain access to their communities. Users can subscribe to the dApp using familiar payment methods like debit/credit cards and fiat currencies, without the need to acquire any cryptocurrency beforehand.

This approach establishes a new connection between Web2 users and Web3, making user acquisition achievable and bridging the gap between the two worlds.