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Transaction monetisation

The Arthera blockchain offers two main transaction monetisation methods.

  • Pay-as-you-go - the standard pay-per-use model, where users pay for gas each time they use the blockchain

  • Subscriptions - are built into the Arthera protocol, and they determine how gas is being spent by an account (EOA or Contract). These subscriptions are the enabler for the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model.

A 3rd party dApp can acquire a monthly, fixed fee, subscription gas quota from Arthera to completely waive all blockchain gas fees for their users. The dApp can re-sell this gas to make a profit, either using their own monthly subscription model, or by using a perpetual licence.


The Pay-as-You-Go mode is the standard operating mode of Arthera for accounts that don't have an active subscription or for which their subscription reached its cap. Every transaction will incur gas costs for the sender, which means the sender needs to have a positive balance of AA in his wallet, otherwise the transaction will be reverted.

Lifetime Commision

Every contract account on Arthera can opt-in for gas-fee rebates by registering their address and a fee receiver account in a special system contract. The registered fee receiver will get a 10% lifetime commission from the gas fees spent by EOAs that send transactions to the registered contract account.


In Arthera, subscriptions are built into the core protocol and they determine how gas is being spent by an account (EOA or Contract).

Monthly subscription model

The blockchain protocol natively supports dApps applying a monthly subscription model with their clients. A dApp can assess their clients gas fee operation needs, create a custom plan for their necessary gas quota and use it by paying a fixed monthly subscription to Arthera.

The monthly plan can be easily sustained through a subscription model. Its cost is predictable and can be included in the project user subscription. According to the project’s returning revenues, the plan can be upgraded or downgraded when necessary.

Perpetual Licence

With a perpetual licence model, also sustained by the protocol, the dApp will create their custom subscription plan with Arthera, then charge a one-time fee to their clients, that must be able to sustain its Arthera subscription cost.

The perpetual licence presents long-term sustainability risks. We only recommend it for projects transitioning from a pay-per-use to full subscription.

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Latest update: October 2, 2023