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Migrate your EVM smart contract

In terms of programmability, Arthera is similar to Ethereum. Both networks run the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to support smart contract functionality.

Because Arthera supports all programming languages, developer tooling and standards that target the EVM version Paris and earlier, deploying your contracts on Arthera should follow the same process as with other EVMs:

  1. Configure your contract tooling and SDKs to target the Arthera Testnet:

    • RPC Endpoint:
    • WebSocket Endpoint (Optional): wss://
    • Chain ID: 10243
  2. Create an account using the Arthera Wallet and get some testnet subscription from the Testnet Faucet or directly from the wallet if you have enough AA tokens to buy a subscription.

  3. Deploy your contract(s)

  4. Check the explorer (Blockscout) for the deployment transaction to be successful

  5. Optionally verify your contract. Go to the explorer (Blockscout), search for your contract address and click the Verify and Publish button under the Contract tab. You can allso verify your contracts programmatically (using Sourcify). Learn more about contracts verification

At this stage, you're ready to deploy to Arthera Mainnet.


Latest update: February 27, 2023