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Marketing Resources

Arthera Brand Resources

These brand resources are important references for everyone involved in creating, supporting, and using Arthera. They provide information that defines Arthera's personality and help maintain consistent brand imagery across different regions and platforms.

These resources specifically apply to Arthera's brand and trademarks, and do not control the use of the Arthera network or protocol. By using any of the Arthera marks or similar variations, you acknowledge that Metaverse Labs SRL owns the Arthera mark and agree that any use of the mark benefits Metaverse Labs SRL. If you engage in any illegal or dishonest activity using the mark or any variation, we reserve the right to revoke this trademark license. In such a case, you must immediately stop using the mark and any variations.

Arthera Brand Logos

Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the logo:

  • Avoid cropping, rotating, or placing the logo alongside other colors.
  • Do not recreate the logo using a different typeface.
  • Avoid using shadows, transparency, or any other effects.
  • Refrain from altering the shape and proportion of the logos.
  • Ensure there is adequate padding around the logo.
  • Refer to the instructions for distinguishing between other Arthera logo extensions

For a better understanding of how to use the Logo please download the Identity Guide

Brand book

Primary Logo vertical black wordmark

Primary Logo vertical white wordmark

Primary Logo horizontal black wordmark

Primary Logo horizontal white wordmark

Mono vertical black

Mono vertical white

Mono horizontal black

Mono horizontal white

Gradient icon

Mono icon black

Mono icon white