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Arthera has a number of system contracts that perform various protocol-level tasks. The choice to decouple some functionality form the main blockchain node to system contract is related to upgradeability. All System Contracts are upgradeble through a governance process, so if a vote is cast through governance to change the price of subscription plans or staking rewards, a new version of the respective contracts will be deployed without having validators upgrade their software or restart their node.

This contract is responsible for keeping a mapping between validator addresses and a validator JSON info file with additional information about the validator. The JSON file needs to be publicly available at an URl and has the following format:

"name": "demo validator",
"logoUrl": "",
"website": "",
"contact": ""

You can use the Arthera's public validator registry to publish your JSON file in Arthera's validator registry repository.


Returns string - the URL of the JSON file for the provided validator.

Method parameters:

  • uint256 validatorID the id of the validator


Sets the JSON info file URL for the sender. The sender needs to be a registered validator, otherwise the transaction will be reverted with an error.

Method parameters:

  • msg.sender - the validator's registered address
  • string configUrl the URL of the JSON info file


  • event InfoUpdated(uint256 validatorID)